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Mold Testing Services

Your Health is our top priority! We are here to help everyone understand which molds that could be or have been affecting your health and the extent of damage that needs to be remediated so that your home or business can be properly restored to a healthy environment.

Not all mold is toxic. That is why it is critical that our inspection includes testing. Any inspection done without testing is simply a guess at what is going on with your indoor air quality. Our thorough full home or business assessment along with air and surface samples offer hard evidence about what exactly is going on inside your home or business, which is why our service is extremely valuable. We will put all our findings in an Assessment report for you along with your sample results in order for you to proceed forward with remediation or with your Landlord to remedy your mold problems and concerns.

We are state licensed and fully insured.
Our inspectors are professional, efficient, thorough, and friendly.

Once the inspection is complete, a 3rd party, state-license laboratory will test the samples and report the results back to us within 3-4 business days. You can also expedite the samples for same day results or for a 24-hour turnaround.

Once we receive the Lab Results back from the lab, you will get a copy. We will go over the Lab results with you in order to help you understand the extent of your mold problem. After we go over the Lab results with you, we will put your lab results, along with all the details we found during our inspection of your home or business into an Assessment report which will also include our recommendations on how you need to proceed forward.

If you have any questions or if you would like to set up an inspection, please give us a call at: (562) 818-6946