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Moisture Testing Services

Buying a home, & what you need to know: It’s not what you, or your home inspector can see that matters most. It’s the moisture environment hidden in the walls that matters. Just about every moisture test we conduct, the home inspection did not visually see the moisture and mold damages we find in the structure of the home.

A home inspector gives their opinion based only on visual observations, knowledge, and experiences using “non-intrusive” testing tools. Non-intrusive testing tools like moisture wall scanners only scan for moisture in the sheetrock and infrared cameras only show temperature differences. Neither accurately identify moisture that is occurring inside the wall cavity. Intrusive testing is the only way to accurately assess moisture intrusion.

Selling a home, what you need to know: We stress to any current or future seller, to have a moisture test completed before you have a potential purchase agreement. We have seen so many hidden moisture situations cause a sale to fail, or become significantly delayed because we identified moisture issues during the inspection period. Prior to placing the home on the market, find out if any surprises exist before a buyer is ready to make a large purchase.

It is also just as important to have the pre-sale inspection conducted by a reputable, accurate and certified licensed moisture testing company, like Home Pro. Our services and reputation are trusted by all parties in a real estate transaction.